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Is a Metal Roof Right for Your Denver Home?

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Metal Roof

Regardless of the size of your home, the roof is definitely the most important part of the structure. It provides your home’s inhabitants and property with the most protection from Englewood’s tumultuous weather. A big part of being a homeowner is maintenance, and all structures of the home require it. To keep your home in good shape, your roof especially needs attention. While maintenance responsibilities mount, it can be exasperating to keep up with a lot of it. That is why many Englewood homeowners are turning to metal roofing.

As mentioned, the roof is the structure that takes the brunt of damage from the elements. For this reason, your roof needs to be made of a durable material. There aren’t many that are more durable than metal. While metal panels are light, they are also thick and extremely sturdy. Metal roofing, of all roofing types, is specifically enduring against everything Mother Nature throws at a house in Englewood. Metal roofing is waterproof, fire proof, insect proof, dent resistant and wind resistant.

Another benefit to metal roofing is its design versatility. Nowadays, metal can be cut into virtually any shape and can also be colored. Metal is extremely easy to shape, so you could have it mimic other building materials and fully customize your roof to match your tastes and exterior design.

The biggest benefit to metal roofing is the low maintenance and longevity. Metal roofs are essentially self-maintaining as they don’t need regular inspection for wood boring insects. Metal also won’t suffer shingle blowoffs or ponding and other common roof problems that need attention. Metal roofs are usually backed by at least a 50 year warranty, and some even longer. It is quite possible that your metal roof will be the last roof you ever buy.

With the number of advantages being offered by metal roofing to Englewood homeowners, it is no surprise that it continues to grow in popularity. Metal roofing is also a great insulator as it reflects the sun’s energy and keeps your home a more even temperature. This will save you money on your electric bill every month. Moreover, metal roofs are an environmentally friendly roofing option. Unlike, traditional roofing, these roofs are recyclable. It simply goes without saying the metal roofs are the economically superior choice for Englewood homeowners.

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