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Colorado Roof Inspections Are Important After Storm Damage

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Colorado Roof InspectionsOur area of the country has many storms during the year as they travel across our area regularly. We have everything from snow, hail, sleet, and rain to the devastating forces of strong winds and more. This means our roofing systems go through a lot during the year, especially after factoring in what sunlight already can do to your roof shingles.Having roof inspections can save you money and time in the long run.

Sun heats shingles which makes them expand and then when temperatures drop at night, the shingles get cold and shrink a little. This constant shrinking, expanding action makes the materials weaken. Asphalt shingles are especially susceptible to these problems and will wind up with hairline cracks that aren’t easy to see.

Even a tiny crack in a shingle will let moisture in, so this can be a huge problem because your roofing is covered in shingles and when a few get damaged this way, they are all likely to be.

You just can’t see this type of damage from the ground, and even when you get up close you can’t tell a difference in the shingle unless you know what you’re looking for. Cracks aren’t the only evidence that your shingles are failing your home, and neither are missing or loose shingles.

Why Professional Roof Inspections Help

A professional inspection by a Denver Roofing Company can uncover all your roof’s problems, including underlying materials or materials hidden near the attic and wall spaces. A single exposed nail hole allows moisture in, causing mold or mildew damages.

These reasons are why you need a professional roof inspection after damaging storms. Even too much snow buildup is bad for your roof. Which is why so many homeowners in the Englewood, Colorado area have yearly or an every other year professional roofing inspection done.

Who To Call For Professional Roof Inspections In The Englewood, CO Area

Needing someone you can count on after you experience damage to your roof due to a storm isn’t easy, especially when you’re in the midst of dealing with the disastrous effects. Whether you’ve just had a rain storm, snow storm, hail, wind, or debris impact damage, a professional inspection will uncover all the damage.

Professional inspections thoroughly document your roof damages. Many homeowners don’t realize that if the insurance company sends an inspector, that service they pay for is geared toward their own interests, not the claim filer/insured (you).

Let Our Professional Roof Inspectors Take Care Of Everything

With professional roof inspections done by a local roofing company who’s qualified, like ours here at Falling Rocks Roofing, you have a professional on YOUR side with written documentation of the damages as well as a professional who can assist you through the insurance claims process.

Many times this service can ensure you’re getting the most you can from your claim, with you not having to worry about a thing throughout the entire process.

If you believe you have roof damages for whatever reason, give us a call. We can help you with the entire process of getting your roof repaired and dealing with your homeowner’s hazard insurance. Knowledgeable in the local building codes and dealing with insurance companies, our pro’s have all they need to help you get the best roofing replacement possible.

If your are looking for roof inspections in Colorado, call Falling Rocks Roofing at 720-227-0555, or fill out our online request form.

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